• How social media impacts fashion shopping?
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    Social media is impacting fashion like never before. The visual nature of the social networks combined with the aesthetic appeal of clothing and accessories go hand in hand. It’s a perfect place for fashion brand owners to focus because that’s where consumers are. Today people are so connected with social media that their first port of call for many actions which used to be offline such as conventional advertising, has changed dramatically:


    • Online reviews - People love sharing their opinions with social comments, YouTube videos, and on  review-websites. Increasingly shoppers are taking help of online reviews to help form their buying decisions. 
    • Recommendations - Shoppers are sharing their top recommendations for clothing brands on popular social media platforms and on their personal blogs.
    • Customer service - Social media such as Twitter has turned into a customer service portal for many shoppers. If they need help from customer service, they won’t dial customer service number, instead, they are choosing to leave a comment or message on the brand's social profile.
    • Acquiring inspiration -  When it comes to fashion shopping, the shopper’s journey begins with exploring outfit ideas and inspiration. Social networking sites such as Instagram and Pinterest has turned out to be a good starting point.
    • Customers love to flaunt - Customers love to post their outfits and flaunt online. They take social media as a platform to share their creativity with others. Here are some popular hashtags #OOTD #WhatIWore #StreetStyle




    • Building community - The main strength of social media owes to its ability to connect.

    Followers want to feel close to the brand they sport. They also want to be rewarded for their loyalty with exclusive access and offers. This offers a great opportunity for brands to connect with fans and influencers to promote their brand message










               Sheinofficial using #SHEINgals in instagram



    Scores of online fashion retailers have resorted to using social media to enhance their brand awareness, generate website traffic and promote sales. Social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest, are highly successful for promoting fashion brands because of their high visual appeal and captive audience.


    Here are three ways you can leverage social media to promote your brand

    1.Influencer marketing

    When talking about online marketing the only next thing that is most talked about after social media marketing is influencer marketing. The past couple of years has witnessed a significant rise in the influencers. They are the brand evangelist and the voice of the customer both at the same time. They are the bridge between the brand and the voice of the customer. They present an unbiased opinion about the product from the user perspective. But they also get paid for promoting a brand or the product. They enjoy their own raving fan following and their fans trust them. Besides influencers, there are also micro-influencer with a relatively smaller fan base, but highly targeted ones. Therefore there is no reason why smaller fashion retail brands can’t benefit from influencer marketing.


    Through blogs, Youtube channels and through other online medium, influencers build a large online community of engaged fans and followers. Micro-influencers have a smaller number of engaged following. When you consider influencer marketing, the most important thing that matters is the number of followers and that depends on your goals. If you are working through Micro-influencer, you may consider working with a couple of Micro-influencer, rather than working with just one.


    With influencer marketing, fashion brands no more need to focus their efforts on the expensive fees of celebrities. Instead, they can target real people living real lives and still make a large profit and build their brand. Historically the term influencer started in the form of celebrity endorsements, however, it's the social media where the term really took off.

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How social media impacts fashion shopping?

Social media is impacting fashion like never before. The visual nature of the social..