Yes. Catalogue images with Props in background, Partial Natural Scenery are handled. Images with Intense Natural Scenery are not recommended.

Yes, Fabulyst AI can extract the visual attributes available in images with back view with visibility of the feature

System works for images with Ghost mannequin but not for images clicked on a hanger

Partial occlusions introduced by poses, hair or other objects are handled. Complete occlusions are not handled. E.g. see below images for neckline.

System is agnostic of lighting in images as long as region of interest is clearly visible.

System is agnostic of Human Model body poses as long as region of interest is clearly visible

API (backend to backend) is the most common way for integration. It takes 2 business days. Fabulyst extends technical support if needed for the integration process.For customers using standard e-commerce platforms (Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento), Fabulyst also provides installable plugins.

We provide auto-tagging with widest coverage. Unlike competition, we keep the inventory mapped to latest trends month on month. We also provide non-displayable metadata to be indexed with each product to keep it most searchable within or outside the website.

Yes. There is an option to add a custom attribute under custom pricing plan. Fabulyst does not ask customer for the data needed to deliver new label.